Photo Series: UWL seniors say goodbye

Photo Series: UWL seniors say goodbye

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Sam Stroozas, Executive Editor


Erin Bowden 


“I will miss my friends and all the great people I have met at UWL. La Crosse and UWL has become my home over the past four years, and it is bittersweet having my undergraduate career come to an end. Let this situation broaden your world view. Gain perspective. See injustices and oppression. Demand and examine the evidence. Challenge your own thinking about the world around you. Care more about others,” she said.

​Hannah Calhoon 

卡尔霍恩是在人际交往的高级主修和辅修心理学。 7月开始,她将在阿肯色州小石城志愿服务。她提到的事件,她期待的是被取消,比如她CST顶峰的介绍,爷爷半程马拉松,高级酒吧抓取和wiac运动会议。

“I’m going to miss being on the UWL Swim & Dive Team! The swim and lifting staff is the best in the WIAC. Transferring from Western Technical College to UWL was the best decision I ever made,” said Calhoon.

Marissa Widdifield



widdifield说,她会想念拉克罗斯和她最喜欢的地方的熟悉。 “风光已成为一个老朋友谁知道我很好。爷爷的虚张声势,密西西比河,坐在在根音一个靠窗的座位,看着街对面充耳不闻记录。自白:我以前跳栅栏足球场上在温暖的夜晚,看着从草皮星(伟大当场看到流星,只是说)。我会想念那些时光在我的环境让我觉得我属于最-的时刻,”她说。

“To all the people I never got to say goodbye to: please don’t be a stranger. To future employers: please don’t ask me what it was like to graduate the year COVID-19 emerged. To anyone who identifies as an artist: keep identifying yourself as such.”

Sarah Stewart

Stewart is a senior majoring in psychology. Her post-graduate plans are to take a year off and work in the psychology field, and then go back to school for her doctorate in clinical or forensic psychology.

She said COVID-19 affected her end of semester plans with friends and commencement, which she was looking forward to. “I will miss so much about both UWL and La Crosse, the friends I’ve made are definitely at the top of that list, followed by the bluffs, and of course 3rd Street,” said Stewart. “Shout out to UWL for giving me four great years, I wish I could make a victory lap, but I’ll be back don’t worry.”

Rachel Schubring 


Emily Riebe

Riebe is a senior with a major in media studies and a minor in theatre performance. After graduation, she will be interning with the ‘Hollywood Casting & Film’ for the summer. She said she was most looking forward to presenting her senior capstone project, ‘The Feminine Gaze’ which looks at gender and sexuality as well as #MeToo movement and third-wave feminism in modern film.

“我的希望是,通过这项研究,个人将能够识别嵌入我们的社会中的男权思想,并开始反击性别和性的霸权阳刚的概念,”她说。 “而这个机会已经不幸被取消,由于covid-19大流行,我依然骄傲的研究,我正在开展的,我希望它会激励后人CST学生在其项目中追求社会正义的努力一样。”


Melody King

King is graduating with a degree in middle child and early adolescence education with a minor in social studies. Her post-graduate plans will be teaching seventh and eighth-grade literacy and social studies at Lake Denoon Middle School in Muskego, Wisconsin.

“It is truly heartbreaking that my family will not be able to watch me walk across the stage on graduation day. As a first-generation college student, graduation was something that I have been looking forward to since my freshman year,” she said. “I will miss the amazing friends and relationships that I built at UW-La Crosse. I will also miss the marsh trails and beautiful views!”

Brittany Voigts

voigts是主要的心理学预OT轨道上的高级和高危儿童青少年关怀未成年人。她打算毕业学校在登上玛丽大学职业治疗。 “covid-19带来了很大的失望。经过四年的艰苦努力和不断的奉献精神,我希望有一个正式的仪式来庆祝我的成绩。我会找到新的方法来与我的家人和朋友联系,并以虚拟方式分享成就,”她说。

Voigts will miss the scenery, being close to her friends, and the atmosphere of UWL. “I cannot say enough great things about La Crosse! I highly recommend this University! It’s important to make the most of this experience,” she said.

Karly Willms

Willms is a therapeutic recreation major and a psychology minor. She will be attending UW-Parkside to get her MBA.

“这是令人失望的,我必须等待,庆祝我的成就与我的家人和朋友,但我期待着,当我们所有一起庆祝,”她说。 “我会想念我的最好的朋友的生活,在校园里滑旱冰,并在虚张声势吊床。”

Carolyn Long 

Long is a senior majoring in biology with a minor in theatre performance. Her post-graduate plans are to pursue a career in the biological or environmental field. She said that she feels like COVID-19 “stole” many lasts of her college career.

“因为一切都那么迅速改变,我相信我仍然有一些时间来封我想要的一周,接下来的一周内,当时被带走在眨眼间,”长说。 “我也很努力了我一生中最让我的大学学位,并有可能永远不必在大学毕业典礼上行走的机会很心痛,只是有一个虚拟的仪式,并接受我的毕业证在邮件中肯定不会相同。”

She said she will miss the environment and campus the most, as well as Grandads Bluff and the people she has met at UWL. She thanks her fellow students, sorority sisters in Tri Sigma and professors who made her college experience.

For other seniors, she says: “Though we seniors will probably never be able to fully get the proper closure we wanted for our college careers, I believe that we will come out of these tough, unprecedented times stronger than ever and that we shouldn’t let this very untimely setback mess up our potential once our last semester is done and we enter the real world. We all got this!”

Aliyah Grote-Hirsch

Grote-Hirsch is majoring in sports management with a minor in business administration. She is searching for a full-time internship or job in her field, and her career college is to work for a college or NFL team. She said she hopes to celebrate graduation with friends and family after COVID-19. She will miss the people from UWL the most, as well as football games.

“La Crosse has become my home away from home and I will forever be grateful for the people and the education I received here. Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle!” said Grote-Hirsch.Make the most of your time at UWL! I know everyone says it goes by fast, but it truly does. So don’t be afraid to explore the city, make new friends, and attend sporting events because before you know it, you’ll be a senior and saying goodbye to UWL.”

Darby DeGross

DeGross is a fifth-year senior with a major in public health and community health education. She plans to find a job in the Twin Cities area. She is currently doing an internship with the La Crosse County health department.

“我会想念我的朋友在这里拉克罗斯,我已经在过去的五年中取得。我也将错过所有的咖啡的地方,没有人能与许多选项竞争!”她说。 “UWL和拉克罗斯已经成为我的家,这将是如此难以离开这个美丽的城市。”

Danielle Mumm

Mumm is graduating with a major in sociology and minor in Spanish. After graduation, Mumm has plans to get married and look for jobs in Texas. She said she will miss the food and coffee the most, but also the squirrels that roam the campus.

Tricia Pionke, Mumm’s mother also shared a note about her daughter graduating.

“丹妮已与变化调整好,当然一点点的不能够在舞台上走失望。但她表示这不是什么大不了的事,她是一个很不起眼的年轻女士。我想分享的是丹尼尔,承担了更大的学期负载以及暑期学校课程到全年提前毕业。她会在短短三年内所有工作的同时也可以得到她的四年制学位,”她说。 “虽然我们同意并理解毕业典礼的推迟,我甚至不能开始告诉你我的她是多么自豪,我的心脏怎样的伤害不能够看她走过的阶段,由于covid-19。”

Amanda Scholzen


“I will extremely miss LC Hip Hop, meeting new people in a class setting, & all the fun in exploring La Crosse,” said Scholzen.

Camyrn Larson

Larson is majoring in biology and double minoring in chemistry and professional and technical writing. She will be attending the University of Arkansas in the fall for a master’s degree in biology. She said she was sad that she will not be able to walk across the stage at the La Crosse Center or visit the department offices of the professors who have helped her along the way.

“I am from La Crosse and have spent my entire life living in and loving this city. I will miss places on campus like the McNair office and the aquatics lab. I will miss places I frequent like Caribou Coffee and The Crow,” said Larson. “I will miss my job as a show choir director at Logan High. I will miss my family. I will miss it all, but I find comfort in knowing that I can always call La Crosse home.”

Anna Skroch

Skroch is majoring in medical laboratory science and minoring in biology. She will be working for the department of laboratory medicine and pathology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota after graduation.


Skroch also said she will miss hiking Grandads Bluff and walking by the La Crosse River Marsh.

“UWL has given me so many meaningful memories and educational experiences. I wish that I would have been able to properly say my goodbyes to my college career, but I look forward to what comes next!” she said.

Grace Marco


“我会想花时间与朋友,挂在CST实验室,并与教授交谈。我要去错过的风景 - 河流,断崖,以及之间的一切还是让我肃然起敬。拉克罗斯是我的家乡,有很多我的家人也在这里,所以我将他们最想念,说:”马可。

Morgan Kuske


“显然是因为covid-19的,我没有得到我的朋友和同学走。但病毒也影响一些人的“持续”与我的朋友我们期待着,像一个最后一趟到鲁迪的或一个昨晚闹,说:” kuske。 “它也带走了一些通道的那些通讯研究的仪式,像高级项目墙报或CST庆祝活动。但最终,covid-19已经抢了我和泻药结束我们的职业生涯UWL其他老人。”

She said she will miss the people the most, including the communication studies department and the Academic Advising Center and Career Services. “I’m forever grateful for the connections UWL has brought me! My dad, another UWL alum, always told me ‘it’s all about the people’, and I never understood how right he was,” said Kuske. She also adopted a dog, Murphy, who will be brought home on May 19.

Olivia Schauls 

Schauls is a double major in cultural anthropology and archaeology. She plans to apply for jobs in her field and work on archaeology digs to gain experience.

Due to COVID-19, she will not be able to do her archaeological excavation in Israel this summer. Schauls said, “I will miss cramming for finals in the library. During that time in the semester, you really feel like ‘we’re all in this together.’ Free press! Free speech!”

Victoria Bucolt 

Bucolt is a therapeutic recreation major and recreation management minor. After graduation, she will have an internship this summer and then begin graduate school at UWL for her master’s in therapeutic recreation.

Bucolt said, “Who would have thought that a global pandemic would take away my last few months of undergrad? Certainly not I. Chances are, I won’t get the big ceremony that I always envisioned, but that doesn’t take away from the almost four years that I had filled with memories and with friendships that have molded me into the woman that I am today. Though this is not how I thought my undergraduate chapter was going to end, I don’t need to walk across a stage to be proud of everything that I have accomplished in my college career.”

She said she is going to miss the people the most and that her UWL experience would not have have been the same without the friends that she made along the way.

Alyssa Glassen

Glassen is an elementary education and special education major and a psychology minor. She plans to move back to her hometown of Kenosha, WI, and teach fourth grade. “COVID-19 cut my student teaching experience short which was devastating. I miss my students and learning with them every day. I am also deeply saddened that I will not be able to walk the stage with my fellow graduates and friends,” she said.

Glassen said she will miss the community of UWL the most and Grandads Bluff. “I want to thank my family for constantly supporting me for the past five years and for helping me to achieve my dreams.”

Hannah Schwartz


“I am grateful for how accommodating UWL and the professors in the sports science program have been during this difficult transition. I am especially grateful for Dr. Carl Foster, who still met with both of my classes Monday – Thursday Via zoom. It helped make things still feel more like normal school, and less like we are on our own,” said Schwartz.

Kylie Zimmerman 


“Thanks to all the teachers, staff, and students that made my time at UW-L so special. Especially my friends in res life, who taught me to fight for those who don’t have a voice,” said Zimmerman.

Alexa Bohnsack 

Bohnsack is a senior majoring in biology and plans to attend UW-Madison’s accelerated nursing program. 


As she leaves La Crosse, Bohnsack said she will miss walking in the city, running along the river, watching the sunset every night, hiking Grandads Bluff, and making memories with her best friends. 

Whitley Barman

Barman is a senior majoring in biomedical sciences and minoring in chemistry. She will be working as a dental assistant while applying to dental school.


She will miss members of the Office of Residence Life and eating at Rudy’s. “I would like to thank my friends and family for the constant support over the last four years. I would not have been able to do it without you!” said Barman.

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