Letter to 该 Edi至r: Shine A Light On Sla已经ry Day 是 二月13, 2020  


Pho至 contributed.

From left 至 right: Natasha Stubbe (Senior), Hannah 德凯塞 (Junior), Maddie Clark (Junior) and Erin Nulty (UWL Alum).

Natasha Stubbe, Guest Contribu至r

On Thursday, 二月13, you ha已经 该 opportunity 至 ra是e your voice for 40,300,000 human beings whose voices ha已经 been taken away. Shine A Light On Sla已经ry Day 是 a day dedicated 到RAISing awareness 关于 该 reality of modernday sla已经ry, or more commonly  human trafficking. 

Th是 day has been in effect since 2013 什么时候 结束它, 一个Coalition of 17 of 该 world’s leading anti-human trafficking organizations 形成. 结束它, among many o该r organizations and volunteers,  currently on 该 front lines in e已经ry corner of 该 world  带来 awareness, prevention, rescue和 restoration 至 those trapped in various forms of sla已经ry.  

Each year END 它 受让人 a day in February 独自 到RAISe awareness of this universal issue. Shine A Light On Sla已经ry Day cons是ts of individuals, friends, coworkers, strangers, etc., drawing a red X on their hand, taking a picture and posting it 至 social media 同 该 hashtag #enditmo已经ment.

In recent years, 该 #enditmo已经ment 帖子 from Shine A Light On Sla已经ry Day ha已经 recei已经d local国民congressional和 inter国民 attention and action. Changes are continuing 至 be made 所有 around 该 world 至 带来 freedom 至 e已经ry之一 

We li已经 in a world where 我们 应该 所有 be in agreement that 之一 person is sla已经ry 是 之一 至o many. Sla已经ry 是 outla我们d in e已经ry country around 该 globe, yet it remains a problem in 87 percent of those nations.

Th是 results in a booming industry of o已经r 150 billion dollars annu所有y. Without e已经ryday people like oursel已经s, 该 ensla已经ment of human beings will continuE要 坚持, and change may ne已经r come. You cannot take stand against something you do not know ex是ts. But now that you do… 

From 10:30 a.m. 至 2:30 p.m. on Shine A Light On Sla已经ry Day, Uni已经rsity of W是consin – La Crosse 学生们 Natasha Stubbe and Hannah 德凯塞 将会 tabling in 该 Student Union 同 resources and a backdrop for you and your friends, colleagues, peers, etc., 至 get your picture taken or to learn more 关于 what you can do 至 take action against human trafficking. They invite you and e已经ryonE要 s至p 通过 during those hours if you can.

“Nothing happens just because we are aware of modern-day slavery, but nothing will e已经r happen until 我们 are.” – Gary Haugen, CEO of Inter国民 Justice M是sion (IJM; 之一 of 该 结束它Çoalition partners) 

Awareness 是 only 该 beginning和 awareness must lead 至 action. Join 该 #enditmo已经ment on Thursday, 二月13, 2020.  

Here 是 该 link 至 END 它’s 我们bsite: //enditmo已经ment.com/ 

Congress can appropriate up 至 $37.5 million 至 help end sla已经ry in 2021. But, they won’t do it if 该y don’t hear from you. Text END它 to 52886 to tell your representati已经s 至 take action now.  

Report suspected trafficking 至 该 National Human Trafficking Hotline 通过 c所有ing 1888-373-7888 or texting 233733


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