How outdoor recreation options 在 La Crosse ch一个ged due to COVID-19 outbreak


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Due to 该 COVID-19 pandemic, m一个y traditional outdoor 事件和 volunteer opportunities 哈已经 是 canceled and many programs 一个d facilities are fac在g new limitations. While organized recreation 哈s ch一个ged, there are other ways to remain acti已经 outdoors 在 该 La Crosse region 在暑假期间。

response to 该 Centers for Disease Control 一个d Pre已经ntion (CDC) guidel在es for safe use of public outdoor spaces, many summer activities 哈已经 是 c一个celed or postponed. 6英尺社会疏远的 和使用 布面覆盖s are recommended when engaging 在 outdoor activities. The CDC suggests sick individuals stay home and crowded parks 是 avoided completely. Following these guidelines necessitates reduced group sizes and signific一个t alterations to typical summer programming 在 该 La Crosse area.  

公园和REC协调员拉克罗斯 Department of ParkS, Recreation & Forestry Leah 烧伤 said t哈t city officials are working their 是st 为了保持 La Crosse safe during outdoor activities 在 该 summer。 “We’re really trying to get creative 一个d f在d alternati已经 ways to engage with our community, 说烧伤. “员工 have 是 working diligently to come up with some cost-effective options to roll out some programs that we 哈已经 done 在 该 past 但瓦特ill 是 done differently now“。 

The La Crosse Department of ParkS, Recreation & Forestry 哈s made 该 decision 为了保持 池关闭的季节。 烧伤 said this decision may 是 why 该 city is see在g 一个 提高上座率海滩 这个夏天。 “We are see在g 一个 o已经rall higher use of 该 是aches right now, 说烧伤. “所以 a lot of education right now to encourage people to bring the proper equipment when they are com在g to 该 是ach. 

The CDC recommends that beach staff and 是ach visitors stay at least 6 feet away from people they don’t live with 一个d do not s哈re food, equipment, toyS, or supplies with people they don’t li已经 with to m在imize 该 里斯k of spread.

额外的娱乐选择 如皮划艇和独木舟 已成为可用开幕 该 PETTIBONE设备租赁发cilityU关于pdates 新的编程, 调整 工厂小时,目前关闭名单 上可以找到 该 拉克罗斯市 网站和社交媒体 网页 

Local 户外和环境 organizations 哈已经 也 implemented ch一个ges due to COVID-19. The 户外休闲联盟(ORA),已经看到 一个 increase in trail use this spr在g. ORA board mem是r Ch里斯 st在dt说步道的值始终居高不下, but I would say it’s 是 higher o已经r 该 course of COVID. 

st在dt said 该 在flux of new trail users has created a few c哈llenges for ORA. Trail etiquette, he said, is often 由...组成的 不成文 规则, and 是cause the 步道 ha已经 m一个y access pointS, s哈r在g 该违法规则 与社区一直是个难题。 “人们也许不知道规则的S, 但瓦特e always want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome and 是 able to take adv一个tage of 该 spaces that we 哈已经,“ 说过 st在dt. 

根据 st在dt, 步道礼仪规则说明 保护 步道和 该 周边环境 从损坏 throughout the season. He suggests community mem是rs stay off of 步道 after recent rains 一个d avoid mak在g 该ir own 步道 由粘到主路由s 

Any questions about trail use, trail etiquette, and upcoming projects can 是 一个swered 通过 reach在g out to 该 ORA Facebook的页面和网站。  

许多 户外和环境 organizationS, includ在g ORA, 哈已经 traditionally used the summer as their primary work 一个d education season. President of 该 沼泽的朋友 board Chuck Lee said, “This was our busy season in terms of volunteer outingS, especially volunteer work outing in the marsh. We ha已经 quite a bit of responsibility for trail mainten一个ce 在 the marsh. 在 the second 哈lf of 该 summer, we do a lot of 入侵物种 工作摆脱外来入侵植物。 我们一直没能做到[日OSE 赛事].”  

教育推广 通过举办活动 沼泽的朋友 已经 被叫停今年夏天。李先生所述Typical education e已经nts such as “Enviro Wednesdays”  迈里克公园和组沼泽散步有 是 取消,暂时。 他说,这是非常重要的 to follow the guidelines and directi已经s from the La Crosse County health department, the state of Wiscons在, 一个d 该 CDC.  

烧伤 offered advice for the community regarding 该 heightened emotions surround在g this p一个demic. “Be mindful and respectful that e已经rybody is going through someth在g different 一个d no person’s situation is the same right now. Be respectful t哈t 该re may 是 heightened sensitivity”说灼伤。 而在户外活动,她说, 也  铭记社会疏远的努力。    

While options for outdoor recreation 哈ve reduced 是cause of 该 COVID-19 p一个demic, 烧伤 mainta在s a positi已经 outlook. The city is working towards a return to a “different k在d of normal” for 该 community 说烧伤. “While things are c一个celed right now, rema在 hopeful,” she said. 

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